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iphone screen protector plastic

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iphone screen protector plastic

Apple will replace your iPhone battery for just $29. Do it. If your phone is more than a year old, it's no doubt lost some of its capacity (and, apparently, some of its speed). This is a cheap and easy fix, one that will not only extend the life of your phone, but also make it feel kind of new again. There are three ways to get this replacement done (by Apple proper -- see below for another option). I strongly recommend against that third option. For starters, it'll leave you without your phone for at least a week -- and if there's any kind of problem, that could delay things even further.

Safari Since it's the default browser, any links you open -- from an e-mail or a text message, for example -- will launch in Safari, And, in standard Apple fashion, there's no way to change that, Going with this browser means serious convenience, Safari's Reading List is also a big plus, When you don't have time to read an article, tap the share button at the bottom of the window, and select "Add to iphone screen protector plastic Reading List." You can access the article later by tapping the Bookmarks button in Safari, Chrome Not only is Chrome superfast, but it also touts a long list of convenient features, including tab syncing and gestures, To use tab syncing, follow this simple guide..

iOS 7's MFi game controller support will also allow compatibility with a bluetooth-connected controller that can be held separately to the iDevice, probably for connecting to the iPad, which is a bit too large and heavy to hold in the same way that one holds an iPhone or iPod Touch. CNET Australia contacted Logitech, but it would not confirm whether the controller image is real. However, a spokesperson said, "Logitech is excited to support Apple's new MFi game controller framework and looks forward to delivering a compelling gaming experience to iOS gamers later this year."Logitech's game controller for the new iPhone has been leaked in a photo on Twitter.

One school of thought suggests that Microsoft is simply too big to compete with slicker, faster-moving companies born in the Internet era, If the next CEO buys into that worldview, he or she may decide to sell off the Xbox and Bing businesses, as Nomura Equity Research's Rick Sherlund has argued, as part of a scenario in which Microsoft sells Bing either to Facebook or Yahoo while shopping the Xbox business around to a consumer electronics company where it would make a better fit, That's the Wall Street view, at least, Nothing new there as the Street has been down on Bing for quite some time, The online services division, the corporate organization where Bing resides, lost $1.3 billion last year, The year before, it lost $8.1 billion, But with Microsoft integrating its search technology into nearly all of its software and hardware as a service, it's also possible that the new boss may decide, like Ballmer, that there's a nice strategic fit here, After all, there are still good arguments for keeping Xbox -- not the least being that it's a leading brand in a growth area with terrific upside, So why iphone screen protector plastic jettison a business just as it's realizing its potential?..

Android wasn't the only mobile OS gaining ground. Dark-horse candidate Windows Phone jumped 156 percent in year-over-year shipments. Apple's iOS push does seem to be waning a touch in the face of inexpensive Android models, but the company doesn't seem too concerned about it. BlackBerry, on the other hand, seems destined for mobile-OS footnote status. I strive to be operating-system agnostic. I use a Windows desktop, an Apple laptop, an iPad tablet, and an Android phone. I like it that way. My old Droid X is a trooper, delivering everything I want in a smartphone (except the latest version of Android). When I eventually upgrade, I expect to get another Android phone.

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