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hush puppies chaste ballet

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hush puppies chaste ballet

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hush puppies chaste ballet

I learned several important things from your article, “Locals will sail with Gaza flotilla.”. First of all, let me say that I hope my Berkeley neighbors have a rousingly unsuccessful sail and that they return home to us soon, safe and sound. Henry Norr’s comments were especially enlightening for me. Seems he “became truly aware of the situation in Palestine and Israel after Sept. 11, 2001.” Well that’s great; in that case the ruin of 10,000 family lives and the mass murder of some 2,800 human beings was not in vain. Good deal.

The fund is audited annually to ensure compliance with its mandate, and the district’s overhead expense is kept frugal at 3.3 percent, While these moneys maintain our trails and landscape along the city’s major hush puppies chaste ballet roads, it does not underwrite the expense of city parks, which are maintained by separate funds, Having lived in Clayton for more than 40 years, I am proud of the community’s landscaping we showcase for residents and visitors alike, Measure H enables the city to continue its care and improvement of the 27-mile public trail system meandering through Clayton to Mt, Diablo State Park and other open space edges of the gorgeous valley..

• • • • •. Children’s Holiday Festival, History Park, 635 Phelan Ave., San Jose. Turn back the pages of time by enjoying carolers, a trolley ride and more at the decorated History Park. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. $5, free for children under 3. 408.287.2290, historysanjose.org. • • • • •. Willow Glen Holiday Bubbly Walk, Lincoln Avenue in downtown Willow Glen. Sip sparkling beverages and shop ’til you drop on the Avenue. Tasting sites will be set up with champagne, sparkling wine and bubbly nonalcoholic beverages. 2 p.m. $35-$40. 408.298.2100. willowglen.org.

Westhope Senior Activities Center: Come for family-style lunch, Mondays, noon, small donation, Other activities include line dancing, Mondays, 9:30 a.m, All seniors are welcome, Westhope Presbyterian Church, 12850 Saratoga hush puppies chaste ballet Ave., cross street Cox Avenue, Older Adult Transitions Services: El Camino Hospital Los Gatos introduces OATS, a group-based program for folks 55 and older experiencing life changes, losses, depression or anxiety, In a classroom environment, participants learn skills for coping and recovery, Emphasis is on helping elders rediscover their strengths and move forward with living, Program staff includes doctors, nurses and therapists and is covered by Medicare and most insurance, For more information or to schedule an assessment, call 408-866-4028..

The Philharmonia’s success here wasn’t guaranteed merely by its being the first orchestra to upload some videos to a tablet’s app store. Rather, their opening gambit was deeply thought through by people who understand both Mahler and the iPad. Because the best thing about the app is its synchronous way of making you feel and see various musical values at once, you will derive the best experience of The Orchestra by listening only to the musicians, and having the rest of the app’s information delivered visually. The swooping and aggressive harp glissandos that come during the “Princesses Intercede …” movement of Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird” ballet are exciting enough as pure sound, but this app gets carried right along with the music’s kinetic qualities: The score speeds expressively through each punchy liftoff in 6/8 time, while, above, a bird’s-eye “BeatMap” graphic of the orchestra pulses to signal which instruments are required at each second in order to whip up the overall noise. The presentation of performance video and graphical information is where the app is elevated beyond being a pleasing curiosity and into something that feels legitimately groundbreaking in our appreciation of music — as though there might be a day when they give out Grammys for app-making. You needn’t be totally comfortable reading musical notation in order to find value in looking at a score; at one vivid juncture of Salonen’s own violin concerto, you can read how the drummer at a “heavy rock kit” is advised to “Go crazy.” (And if you can’t read music, there’s a tablature-style reduction that drives home basic information, in a way that will feel familiar to users of GarageBand.).

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