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cats pattern iphone case

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cats pattern iphone case

cats pattern iphone case

So when it comes to the roastingly hot trend of the naked selfie, they realize there's a danger. What happens on your smartphone may not stay on your smartphone -- and, frankly, may not be so smart. You might not yet be aware that the weekend just past, Heidi Klum decided to post a selfie of her naked derriere on Twitter for all to see. Well, for all to see her sunburn. She must have felt confident that it would not fall beneath the wrong eyes. The same thought must have crossed Sofia Vergara, who posted a slightly risque (to some American eyes, perhaps) shot too.

Apple mentioned some updates coming to the camera, such as effects, But it didn't mention that Portrait mode is receiving some upgrades too, It says the camera "now generates a mask when it detects a person" and it will intelligently separate that person from the rest of the scene, In addition to Portrait improvements, it's releasing a Portrait Segmentation API that will allow third-party developers to use the separation data in their own apps, Rather than just showing a banner notification when you point the stock iOS camera at a QR code, Apple says that in iOS 12, the camera will now highlight QR codes to let you know it's actually detected it, We cats pattern iphone case imagine this will look a lot like the built-in document scanner..

EE's CEO, Olaf Swantee (pictured above) explained that its customers are generally staying "within their data caps". For those who do go over, you'll have your data cut off to avoid unexpected bills. You can then pay a princely sum of £15 for a data add-on. Of course, as a business, EE naturally wants you to spend more money buying expensive bundles, rather than offer cheap and cheerful unlimited plans. Previously, EE has deemed unlimited data plans "unnecessary." However, plenty of people -- myself included -- would disagree. Streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer chew up quite a large amount of data. EE's current highest data offering is 20GB per month, which will set you back £76 per month.

Although Bing may not match every bell and whistle that Google Mobile App and Maps apps do combined, Bing 1.0 for cats pattern iphone case iPhone does offer a viable alternative to Google's searching and mapping dominance, The new Bing 1.0 for iPhone offers a viable alternative to Google's searching and mapping dominance, Snigger as you will over Microsoft's decision to call Bing, its overhauled search engine, a "decision engine," but those giggles should dissolve when you start up Microsoft's brand-new Bing for iPhone (and iPod Touch), As a search app goes, Bing, which debuted Tuesday in the iTunes App Store, is the real thing..

Overall, AT&T expects adjusted earnings growth in the low-single digits. Netpicks: What's on your favorite video streaming sites around the web. What we know about Disney's streaming service: It's getting ready to rival Netflix. It also teases a second ad-supported video-on-demand service. AT&T is going all-in on streaming video services. The telecom giant, in the midst of a transformation into an entertainment powerhouse via its acquisition of Time Warner, offered a business update that included new details on its plans for a subscription video-on-demand service.

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